Overenthusiastic Quora Notifications and More

Quora is great. It gave a platform for more serious discussion for the general masses. And I have asked some questions and answer some more. They saw great adoption right after they started integration with Facebook. Rapidly and successfully Quora was able to fetch enough hands to generate content and eyeballs to read content. Unfortunately, it seems as if the adoption isn’t as successful in the eyes of Quora and its investors as it is to the likes of me. It received flak for being too open about what its users are reading (they took necessary action) and for being too annoying about logins. Well, I want to add two more issues:

If I tell you I don’t want notifications, I really mean it

There is a new Android App for Quora. My friends were delighted and I was curious. I installed it. And it’s okay – something very special about it except that it pushes notifications way too often! I have written only a few answers and followed fewer questions even and I am annoyed by the number of times I have to remove the notification! So like any other individual would have done, I visit app settings and disable all Push notifications. I did this 5 days ago.

Quora App Settings - Pull Notifications

All notifications unchecked.

Except that it doesn’t matter. Quora will still send you notifications:

Quora Notification

Notification. Again.

Hopefully, if I bring this to light it might receive some attention from Quora. Just so that it is clear, it costs ‘credits’ to post question and more to promote it and even more to ask a Quora Product Manager to answer it. If you don’t have many, better luck next time!

When I logout, I assume that I am logged out

Leave alone the fact the logout link is hidden not only behind a dropdown menu but also one that is loaded after an JSON request is made to the server to bring two static links: Credits and Settings, and an unnecessarily complicated logout form; it doesn’t actually log you out, even if it says it does:

Logged out? Not Really!

Logged out? Not Really!

You have to cross that user to log him out! And even after you do some other user can still act on my behalf and log me out of my sessions somewhere else!

Quora Sessions visible and actionable after logging out

Quora Sessions visible and actionable after logging out

And it is the url with it’s unique key that contains all the magic. S0, I am able to use this even from another browser or an independent incognito window:

Magic in Incognito Window

My session list is still accessible

Honest question, is it safe to use Quora on public computers at all?

So, what do you think ?